I dont splicers are smart enough to use Internet

call me skitty. i dunno why anyone follows my blog. i have strong political opinions but i tend to be pretty chill. i have long since grown out of my "being hateful on the internet is cool" phase and i hope you have too.

if you just want art without pictures of cute insects, politics, personal text posts, and other junk cluttering up your dash, i'd point you to my DA account instead.

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late fanart friday!

would have done at least one more but i gotta go do some more homework :(


A Japanese warplane Second World War lies wrecked in shallow water off Guam in a photograph which won Tony Cherbas second in the Topside category. (via)

you look great! :D may i ask what's on your necklace?




it’s an alligator curled around a stone orb!

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kwillow said: uuuuuuugh people suck. im sorry skitty

spacemarinescum said: fuck people

yeahhh i got… pretty pissed off. one of my teammates was like “calm down, why are you getting defensive” and i was like “because i busted my ass finishing this so that we all could get a decent grade instead of a failing grade and you’re complaining about my code’s organization.”

grrrr. at least the semester’s almost over.

alivingmel said: GROUP PROJECTS REALLY ARE THE ABSOLUTE WORST I’ve only had one since I’ve been in college and it was a nightmare. Why do profs even bother assigning them… ANYWAYS I hope everything goes as well as it can, sorry school is being rough. :’c

aaa thanks. I’m surviving, just… exhausted. group projects are happening a lot more as i get closer to graduation because the scope of the projects is getting bigger.

buttjob said: Oh, man. That sounds friggin TERRIBLE. Good luck getting it all patched up! :( I’m so sorry you’re having a lousy day!!

it’s been a bad week, but i’m feeling better today!

kwillow said: if anyone says ill i will destroy them. through the internet

thankfully nobody gave me any shit for it! else i would have had to sic you on them!

buttjob said: WHAT KWILLOW SAID!!! I feel you on the weather thing though. I miss winter already :’(

i still haven’t gotten to that point—i love heat, just as long as there is shelter with air conditioning somewhere nearby. i can’t wait to wear tank tops and cargo shorts every day without fear that it’ll dip down to below freezing when it gets dark!

finaldelta said: just ignore them and be a boss.

that’s what i normally do, but i was concerned that any distractions might cause my group to be even less productive than they already were. @_@

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I just saw that photoset you did and YOU LOOK AWESOME! That haircut suits you so well!


aaa gosh thank you!

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The absence of women in history is man made.

How petty