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i am 0% the person i was three years ago and i would probably get in a fight with 2011 me

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ranting about the annoying mental block i have about my resume which then turned into self-reflection/self-analysis venting

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I think we should all remember to not make idols out of people online just because they appear to say convincing stuff, this is often how abusive and nasty people set themselves up as community leaders and become impossible to remove from this position.

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kwillow said: IT’S A REALLY GOOD GAME people are gonna like it don’t you worry!

Aaa I hope so! you gave me a good foundation to work with!

thebitterspills said: I love it so far, and I’m impressed on how just about EVERYTHING has descriptor text!!

Hehe, thank you! A lot of love went into this game, I am glad you appreciate the little details!

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Hey, Skitty, is there a non-install version of the Theo game? Like one I can just lug around. owo


Here you go! This is pretty much the same files except that it doesn’t automatically make shortcuts to the important files for you. The credits and readme are in the root folder and the RPG_RT.exe file with his face is the actual game file.

Also, the game has already received its first patch! Any new downloads from now on should be the patched version. If you have the old, unpatched version and want the new one with a couple minor bug fixes, download the loose file/non-install version linked at the top of this post and copy the files over to your /Theo’s Big Adventure folder.

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little theogame thing for you to fix later: in level... 6 i think? when you go to buy clothes for jack and the strawhat guy from mother 3 is knocked out in the parking lot, i talked to him and his sprite turned into a fat lady.


Ah, that’s an easy fix! I’ll upload a fixed version with that and the other post office-area crash fixed soon.

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It crashed for me when the brown dog on the busy street on the way to the post office started barking a lot at Theo. OTHERWISE I’m enjoying it!!!!

Yeah, that’s the one! I’m trying to pinpoint where in the (very long) event chain that resets levels it’s happening so that I can fix it.

It seems to (hopefully) only be happening on that one map, though.

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gah somebody already found a crash-inducing bug though, i wish i’d been able to be 200% sure that the game would run perfectly before releasing it but i guess that’s how software is… i’m gonna fix it as soon as i can find where it’s actually happening. thankfully it sounds like it doesn’t make the story impossible to complete (if a bug like that happens despite me testing it over and over and over and over i’m gonna be so embarrassed)

i am major nervous and hoping people will actually like it and that my writing is okay!!

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Theo’s Big Adventure is finally finished! It’s been a long year and three months, but my first RPG Maker game (starring characters by the excellent Kwillow!) is complete!

Theo’s Big Adventure is a simple game about a rather antisocial, easily stressed out man who must fight to complete his daily activities (such as getting the newspaper, mailing a letter, and going grocery shopping) while interacting with as few people as possible. Of course, there’s a bit more to it than that—in his efforts to minimize the number of annoyances in his life, he ends up meeting several strange characters and getting roped into something bigger…

A basic playthrough of the game takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete. There is also a New Game+ mode, a secret area and ending if you collect the sparkly Thing hidden in each level, and several sidequests (with rewards!), all of which will add more playtime.

Download the game here!

Hey guys, I finished and released it! Check it out!