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race representation in american television

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i gotta draw some kumatora fanart one of these days because most people draw her pretty curvy/busty and sorta feminine but she gets mistaken for male in one scene so that implies she’s androgynous (or even BUTCH yeah i’m gonna run with that)

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oh dude dont worry. I was kinda in a similar situation. I’d rather meet up when things are more relaxed for both of us. Either way I’m really glad you had fun and got to meet people. I hope you feel better though.

aa i’m glad you’re not too sad about it! i ridiculously overbooked this trip AND got several unexpected things sprung on me (including the car i was supposed to borrow breaking down so badly that the engine was flat out destroyed and took a week and a half to repair). i really wanted to meet you since we’ve been talking about this for like 3 years. feel stupid for letting it fall through again. but i’m definitely coming back out here next summer, so! perhaps then things will be clearer for both of us.

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well i felt anxious on and off today for various reasons and a little bit bummed after dropping a lot of money on something that wasn’t as good as i thought it would be. BUT! reflecting on my california trip, i can honestly say it was pretty good. i met some good friends in person, caught up with some old ones, hung out with family, went to some great restaurants, and generally had a lot of fun.

i didn’t get to see everyone i wanted to see. i feel bad about that. :( only about 50% of my plans came to fruition in the end, but it was still fun. a good summer adventure. next year, various circumstances will be a bit different and i hope i will be able to do things more efficiently and actually see everybody.

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Happy 25th, Mother, you fabulous game series, you!


threw some color on this notebook thing


threw some color on this notebook thing

some theogame updates, since i haven’t posted in a while:

-made several cameo and quest related sprites
-overhauled save system, fixed audio glitches associated with it
-planned out at least 5 sidequests, implemented one thus far

still to do:

-make side quest prizes usable
-finish cameo and quest sprites
-make title screen
-finish sidequests + secrets
-general bug cleanup
-less evil jack
-tweak difficulty curve + late levels

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when u wake up feelin productive


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